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Lebanon president: negative rumours about the economy harm country
Lebanons currency is not in danger and rumours about the economy are causing harm, President Michel Aoun said on Wednesday, amid concern that a political deadlock has blocked urgent reforms and left the heavily inde ...

Oscars: Lebanon Selects Capharnaum for Foreign-Language Category
The film premiered in the official ion at Cannes and won the Jury Prize. (Photo: Courtesy of Cannes Film Festival/Fares Sokhon)

Lebanon turns out to clean up its streets and beaches
Hundreds of volunteers in areas across Lebanon turned out to help clean up the country’s streets and beaches over the weekend as part of World Cleanup Day, marked annually on Sept. 15. (Photo: The Daily Star/Mohamme ...

The history of Lebanon´s shaky economy in 10 songs
Ten songs you should definitely listen to.


Lebanon elections: Voting with a disability
Author and teacher Jinan has defied all obstacles in Lebanon, where disability largely remains a taboo subject.

Jinan has been protesting for better accessibility at polling stations in Lebanons 2018 General Election.

Video journalist: Eloise A
Crossing Divides: Lebanons civil war veterans fight for peace
In Lebanon, a group of ex-fighters from opposing sides in the countrys deadly civil war is trying to foster a peaceful future.
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