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Carlos Eddé critica balanço ministerial no Líbano
O presidente do Bloco Nacional Libanês Carlos Eddé fez criticas ao balanço ministerial libanês. Leia na íntegra.

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Eddé says state surrendered to Hezbollah in ministerial statement

August 4, 2008

Lebanese National Bloc President Carlos Eddé said that the just-finished draft of the ministerial statement shows a total and final surrender by the Lebanese state to the state of Hezbollah and its two bosses, a reference to Syria and Iran.

Eddé released a statement on Monday in which he praised Minister of State Nassib Lahoud, who "I respect for his efforts to prevent this catastrophe," of giving legitimacy to Hezbollah's weapons in the ministerial statement.

But, Eddé added, Lahoud's attempts were only aimed at saving face, as they had no legal, political or practical influence. "It is as if someone was remedying a cancer with a band aid," he said.

Eddé called on ministers rejecting the suggested formula dealing with the Resistance in the ministerial statement to hold on to their position and keep making efforts for change.

He also said he wonders about "representatives of certain parties," such as the FPM and certain majority leaders, who were calling for sovereignty but then followed Syrian and Iranian plans to allow the current draft statement, which challenges the struggles and sacrifices of the Lebanese people.

Eddé says current ministerial statement is worse than previous one

August 3, 2008

National bloc leader Carlos Eddé on Sunday said that the majority, which was supposed to defend Lebanese sovereignty and the people's rights, was forced to accept the ministerial statement, which is worse than the statement of the previous cabinet.

He added that the majority legitimated Hezbollah's acts, the July War and future dangerous operations, and would be held responsible for any conflicts.

He said he hopes that the majority leaders' seats and personal interests would be worth the concessions they made.

"The day of approving the ministerial statement will not be a sunny day in the history of Lebanon," Eddé concluded.


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